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Chris Lawson Architectural Designer

Who are CK Architectural? We are Proud, Professional, Legal and Fully Insured Architectural Designers

Some of you may or may not be aware that recently I have been published as a fake or pretend architect in the local paper. Nothing could be further from the truth.

My company and I was penalised for the mis-use of the word Architect, NOT claiming to be Architects as published by Hull Daily Mail. 

Residential/Architectural services is an open and free market, our aim was to have ourselves found as an alternative to expensive Architects The ARB took us to court and we pleaded guilty to the mis-use of the word architect and have removed it from our websites.  I have never called myself or my business an Architect. 

Not everyone realises that you don’t need an architect to design, produce drawings for Planning and Building Regulations so many people will search in google, yahoo, Bing etc for “Architects in Hull”. We used the word architect in the meta description and photo tags on our websites for SEO purposes to help us rank higher in the search engines.

So, what is the difference between an Architect and an Architectural Designer?

An Architectural Designer is a person/business that is involved in the Design, Planning and Construction of buildings. Experienced Architectural designers acquire skills similar to architects, however they may not hold the same degree of qualification.

When it comes to residential extensions, conversions or new builds Architectural Designers and Architects will both offer a similar service, however the price tag will be hugely different.

Architects are generally known for large scale projects such as creating iconic Buildings, whereas Architectural Designers are more focused on smaller projects such as home design.


What We Do

CK Architectural have strived to improve our service over time and we will continue to do so. We want to make it very clear to our past, present and future clients that we provide a genuine, legal service with full insurance, all of our Design, Planning and Building Regulation drawings are checked and approved by the appropriate governing body.

Our company aim is to deliver a high level and consistent service at competitive prices. We are a small team of professions with over 45 years of combined experience in the industry. I believe in what we are doing and pride myself on our honesty, knowledge, commitment to improvement and professional integrity.




Written by Chris Lawson 28/09/18