About Us

CK Architectural is founded on a passion for offering design solutions. Our focus is to show you what potential your property has and to guide you through the options in line with your budget and expectations. A member of our team will visit you for a free consultation and our business ethic states that you will not pay us a penny until your designs are prepared.

Award Winning Architectural Services

CK Architectural Hull is an award-winning committed, approachable and affordable architectural design company working across the Hull, Beverley and East Yorkshire region, as well as being a part of a larger CK Architectural network now operating across the country.

CK Architectural was formed in December 2015 by Chris Lawson: “My vision has been built from seeing poor service from previous employers in such a vital industry.  I want every client to get a constantly reliable service even after the fee has been paid, and not just at the beginning of the project or up to the point of sale. I want people to be given all the knowledge they need before going forward with their projects, as I know this is a huge commitment that can truly transform lives.  I have created a system focussed on consistent quality for our clients that is able to grow and improve alongside the business so that we’re always doing everything we can for our clients and their properties”.

We pride ourselves on giving you the best information to make the right choices at every step of your project, even before you’re a client.  All of our staff are trained to the highest standard to put you in the driving seat and to offer you the best advice and designs to achieve what you want.  We understand how important it is that your home and your money are used wisely, and we’re determined to make sure you only make the best choices for your property.

Meet our team

Even with over a century of combined architectural experience, the CK team is constantly growing. We have a huge range of architectural staff ranging from designers, architects and technicians right through to expert administrative staff, sales and marketing teams, and I.T. experts too. That’s on top of the network of experienced professionals we work with outside of the HQ team to make sure that every project is carried out to only the highest standards.

Our team are able to cater to any project, taking you from initial designs, concepts and feasibility studies all the way through to planning, building regulations and complete project management too, helping you bring your build to life in a way that’s easy and hassle free. It’s all tailored to you and your needs.

Chris Lawson

Managing Director / Senior Designer

Chris is the founder and managing director of the CK Architectural team. He founded the business back in 2015 and set the whole business in motion to be the best architectural design firm in the country. Dedicated to only the best quality at affordable prices and being able to work with any project, no matter what the size, he is driven to complete his vision of delivering the best possible service, designs & builds to every client.

Liam O’Brien, BA (Hon) Architectural Design

Architectural Designer

Liam is our longest-serving architectural designer and is incredible at the craft. He works with the architectural team to make sure that every design is up to scratch, working on his own work as well as helping others, and even works with the sales team too, making sure that with his technical knowledge, everything is perfect for both current clients and those still waiting to take the plunge. 

Stephen Gale, BA & B Architecture, ARB


Steve is our longest serving architect, spearheading projects of all shapes and sizes. He’s worked with huge commercial clients as well as smaller residential projects, giving each and every one the care and consideration they need, all the while, still never hesitating to go the extra mile and make sure clients have the best experience working with us and have the most successful project.

Matt Sharp, BA (Hons) Architecture

Senior Architectural Designer

Matt is a pivotal designer for the CK team, operating across the whole of the Yorkshire county as well as working with clients across the rest of the country too. He takes on projects of all sizes too, taking them from initial designs, surveys and any other client-based service right through to planning, building regulations and the project management stage.

Charles Speight, Bsc (Hons) Architectural Technology

Architectural Technician

Charles is a skilled technician working with the CK team. Based in West Yorkshire, he works on projects all over the country making sure that they are designed perfectly, supporting the architectural team and working with clients directly to ensure the perfect design. No matter what the project requires, Charles has the skills to complete it.

Graham Carr, BA (Hons) Architecture, Graduate Diploma in Architecture, Cmaps

Architectural Technologist

Graham is our longest serving architectural technician/technologist. He works with the rest of the team with his technical knowledge to solidify designs and drawings into practical and sustainable solutions that can be brought to life seamlessly.

Donna Wright

Senior Sales Administrator

Often the first port of call, Donna is the most experienced member of the CK sales team, spearheading client relations and making sure that every question a client may have about their project is answered, without all of the jargon. She makes sure our clients are happy and always informed about their project, no matter what stage of the process they’re in. 

Karen Kirby

Senior Administrator

Karen is very much the driving force behind the business. She makes sure that all projects are moving forward as planned, all designs are at the highest quality, all of the staff members across the entire business know what they’re doing and when, and taking care of everything finance, too. That’s on top of helping out with sales and marketing!

Deniss Korsakovs

Software Architect

Deniss is our resident software architect. He single handily created the systems in place than manage the entire organisation, allowing the team to implement the most cutting edge software in the industry that he improves every day. He also keeps the websites running smoothing, helps with marketing queries, and deals with the business’s I.T. issues too.

Joshua Pearson

Sales and Marketing Executive

Josh runs the marketing for the CK brand, making sure all of the websites are up to scratch. He’s constantly on the lookout for new and exciting ways to help grow the business, crunching the numbers and working with data. That’s on top of working with the sales and admin teams to try and make everything easy and streamilned. 

Commercial, retail and industrial developments

If you are an organisation or business looking to build new premises, extend current facilities or transform an existing building then look no further. CK Architectural offer an excellent service to suit your individual needs from feasibility studies through to full project management, and we work closely with consultants from other fields to achieve the results you require.

Our services include:

We can design anything you require, ranging from Offices, Retail Buildings, Factories and Warehouse/Storage space. Feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to talk through your requirements and attend a Free Initial Meeting so we can discuss with you in more detail.

What our customers say about us

Journey to your designs


First, once you choose to move forward with our service, we need to get some info. In most cases, this is a self-survey where you take rough measurements that we’re able to make drawings with. For larger projects, we visit the site.

Design Meeting/ Virtual Design Meeting & Screenshot

Step 2 is where we show you our drawings and discuss your likes, dislikes, and how to move forward. We can do this both in person and via online meeting to help make things as easy as possible.

Approval & Confirmation

Once you’re happy with the designs with any amendments, we’ll send you the first invoice. From there, we’ll issue your designs to you digitally, so you have them whenever you need them.

Submit to Planning

The next step is to submit your drawings to the planning portal after we add a location map, consult any 3rd parties and writing the planning and design statements. The Portal will get in touch with your directly for their fee, and then forward your application to the local authority.

Application Validation

Following the submission of your application, the admin & validation team from the local authority check the application fits the relevant criteria, before they validate it, send it back to us, and we forward it to you letting you know all the info you need.

The Planning Process

After this, the Planning Officer will write to the neighbours, highways, environment, relevant utility services etc regarding the application, and speak to the council and anyone objecting, too so it can be reviewed. They will then give you a decision date and begin to look through all of the information.


Once a decision is reached, you will be updated by us. We will then advise you on the next steps. If the application is refused, we will be in touch to discuss redesign/submission. There is no application fee for resubmission within 12 months.

Building regulations drawings

After approval of your planning application, we’ll move to building regulations. We’ll send you an invoice before then starting the detailed drawings to submit to Building Control. You can let us know if you have any new additions, amendments, or preferences as to construction here, too.

Builder tender (If requested)

Once the drawings are approved, we will send the drawings to our recommended builders for quotations if this is something you have opted for. We advise getting quotes from at least 3 builders to verify their prices and to find the right builder to suit your project.

Send drawing to BC and SE

Next up, we submit the drawing to Building Control and Structural Engineers as required. They let us know they have your application and check it against the 2013 legislation. Then, they write to us requesting amendments and clarification. We will update the drawings and answer the questions until we gain approval.

BC Sign off and Approval Letter

Once the building regulations drawings are approved, we’ll get in touch and let you know immediately. We’ll send you the drawings you can give to your selected builder where they become principal contractor and take responsibility form there. Your Building Control Officer will attend when required as instructed by the builder to sign off each stage of the works.

Receive drawings

Once the Building Control has signed off and approved the drawings, you will receive 3 large copies of the drawings in the post along with a completion pack. At this point our services will be finished unless you choose to use our project management service and we take things through to the completed build.

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