Planning Application Fees increasing by 20%

Planning Application Fees Increasing

As of the 17th January 2018 the planning application fees will increase by an eye watering 20%

Planning fees are intended to cover the cost of the council processing an application. They have been subject to constant disputes about weather the application fee’s actually cover the costs needed to process the application. Local authority’s have pushed for the increase as it will allow for more staff.
The revised Guide to the fees for Planning Applications in England is not yet, available on the Government website (the Planning Portal) but the new fee sheet will be available from 17th January, via the same link.

To give you an idea of the increase, the most popular applied for permissions current fee and new fee are listed below:

Householder Development – currently £172.00, increases to £206.00
New Dwellings – currently £385.00 per dwelling, increases to £462.00
Prior Notifications for a change of use – currently £80.00, increases to £96.00
Advertisement Consent – currently £110.00, increases to £132.00
The fee of £195.00, currently applied to several application calculations will increase to £234.00

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