The 75ft Blade needs planning permission

This piece of news came days after I was joking with a senior planning officer about the blade not having planning permission. It came to light that as the temporary structure would be in place longer than 28 days it would indeed need a formal application for planning permission. It was a great and original idea to place such an obscure construction in the heart of the city, I found its contrast with the old maritime theme wonderful. The Siemens built wind turbine blade it the apitomy modern engineering, reflects the current needs of our society and pays tribute to the massive investment Siemens rewarded this city. I find it ludicrous that it will now undergo the formalities of planning consent, does the city of culture team not have a direct line of advice from the council. All that being said by the time the application is valid and put our for local consultation it will back at the Siemens plant.