The 8 Best Budget Friendly Home Renovations

Home renovations come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and finding the cheapest home renovations that are most budget friendly while still meeting your needs can sometimes feel like a minefield of expenses.

Loft Conversions

Loft conversions are one of the most cost-effective home renovations that you can have to add space in your property. Although the full project will still cost somewhere in the early thousands, this is much less expensive than an extension or other conversion project, and for something that can add what is essentially a new floor to your home entirely, the price really is low.

Sky Lights

If you’re looking to add more light into your home, then skylights might just be the budget friendly home renovation answer that you’re looking for. Fitting in windows can be costly at the best of times, and if you’re struggling to get natural light, they might not be too much help. Skylights, however, make this problem much lighter, opening up rooms and providing new atmosphere’s all together. They’re a great way to add perceived space and really add to the brightness.

Patios & French Doors

Patios and French doors aren’t the cheapest way to change things up at home, but in reality, they’re still one of the most budget friendly options by a long shot. They add the latest in thermodynamics to your home tech, providing you with efficient glass use, more access points, increased natural light, and more of a reason to get outdoors, too. They’re an amazing way to really open things up and give you a huge source of light that’s as practical as it is decorative.

Verandas & Decking

While we’re on the subject of the outdoors, verandas and decking are also seriously budget friendly home renovations option that doesn’t get enough attention. For something that adds a relaxing and practical space to your outdoor areas that help all year round to be outside and in comfort, they’re underrated. Whether you choose to have a walkway spanning the whole garden or just around the back door, decking is a great option to have under your belt, It really soars your property value too.

Doors & Windows

If you’re looking for the smaller scale renovations that you can still do on a budget without the hassle of having too much work done, then adding new doors and windows might be the perfect fit instead. Again, adding the latest tech to your entry points makes things cheaper to run, much more secure, and usually provides your home with a new lease of life through natural lighting and new furnishings at the same time. Whether you choose the latest in PVC technology or go for something slightly pricier like wooden finishes, you really do have a lot of options that can change your home atmosphere.

Converting the Fireplace

Fireplaces are something that many people chose to get rid of earlier in the century, but in actual fact, if you still have one, modernising it can be a great way to liven up your property. Whether you’re looking at refurbishing your current fireplace to really add that extra layer of character, or modernise the fireplace instead with the latest in style, tech, trends and features, a fireplace conversion or restoration can transform the heart of your home.

Tiling, Flooring and Surfaces

Just like changing up the windows and the doors of your home, changing the tiling, flooring and surfaces is another small-scale movement that actually completely changes your living space. It has both a practical and decorate element that throws your property out of the decade it’s stuck in and into the 21st century with the latest styles and themes. Most of the buying decision when it comes to property is based on the kitchen and the living room you’ll be moving into. It’s easy to see what the right tiling, flooring and surface choices are important, even if they are typically budget friendly home renovations.

Painting and Decorating

Finally, we have to mention painting and decorating. It requires no restructuring, and instead just needs the right tools for the job. Whether you choose new furnishings, wall hangings and accessories for each room, or opt for a new lick of paint or wallpaper instead doing these small changes really does bring your home to life more than ever. It’s hard to see just have astounding the benefit of doing this can really be, but you’ll rapidly see the potential your home has to offer even with the smallest of changes.


All in all, renovating your house doesn’t have to cost you the world even with the unexpected costs that can come with it. Whether you make small changes one at a time, go for an entirely new room, update your facilities or even extend and convert, your house is already ready and waiting for the next improvement you have to throw at it. All it takes is the right people for the job and a great idea behind it!