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Design Together

Here at CK Architectural Hull we like to involve you at the very heart of the design.

We like to involve our clients in the fine tuning of the Architectural design process for extensions, new build properties, garages, loft and barn conversions. Once your design options have been drawn on the computer, we will then finish the finer details with you on the laptop at your home, or your preferred location.

The best way to ensure all options and variables have been fully explored is with you, we will arrange a meeting with you and with our Architectural designer, who will go through the project with you. This way we know the final drawings of your extension are perfect for Planning & Building Regulation applications, and most importantly for you and your new space.

Our architectural team has over 50 years experience in the architectural design process.

We provide quality and practical architectural design services in Hull, Hessle, Cottingham, Beverley, East Riding, Brough, Goole, Driffield, Withernsea and all surrounding villages.

What we do differently from our competitors is involve you completely throughout the design process, bringing the laptop to your home to go through all options and guaranteeing you the perfect solution. We will thoroughly survey your property, and draw up options based around your needs and ideas, plus a few of our own. Then we will go through the options, whilst explaining implications from our vast experience and knowledge.


The typical way to create space is to extend off the side or rear of your property with a single or double storey extension. Single storey rear extensions can be used to extend your kitchen or add modern light sun-rooms with open plan social areas. If it’s a bedroom you need then two storey side or rear extension will add needed space to the first floor, allowing us to create improved living arrangements for you and your family.


One of the cheapest ways to create an additional bedroom, is to convert the loft. It is generally wasted area that can be utilized with careful design. We will design around the most efficient way to get the stairs up there with as little sacrifice as possible in the first floor, whilst getting the most out of the roof space.

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