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Home Improvements

Home improvements are life improvements, so CK Architectural Hull work directly with you throughout the design until you are satisfied with every detail. From there we continue to work hard in gaining planning permission and building regulations ready to build. But our service doesn’t stop there, as we provide help and advise throughout the building process and offer a range of other services to make everything as easy as possible for you.


Extending your home is a good option when you are happy with the location and want to improve your space and living arrangements. Single rear extensions can extend your kitchen or other rooms into open plan sun rooms. Double extensions for that extra bedroom and improved living space below. Everything we design with you will is provided by an expert architectural designer, with consideration of planning approval and building regulations throughout the process so that plans can be approved.

The typical way to create space is to extend off the side or rear of your property with a single or double storey extension. Single storey rear extensions can be used to extend your kitchen or add modern light sun-rooms with open plan social areas. If it’s a bedroom you need then two storey side or rear extension will add needed space to the first floor, allowing us to create improved living arrangements for you and your family.

Loft conversions

Utilising the roof space for habitable rooms can be a great way to gain an additional bedroom, we can design to get the most out of the roof with as little impact to the floor below. As we design we take into account the structural elements required and limitation of building regulation requirements. Planning permission is often not required but you will need a building certificate and the correct building regulations approved drawings to begin.

One of the cheapest ways to create an additional bedroom, is to convert the loft, it’s generally wasted area that can be utilised with careful design. We will design around the most efficient way to get the stairs up there with as little sacrifice as possible in the first floor, whilst getting the most out of the roof.

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